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All Songs Man In The Moon - EP
Let You Down
#3 in Pop SongVault Certified
Let You Down
Man In The Moon - EP
Soft Rock
Length: 4:02
On Network Since Jan 26, 2010
Hide Away
#190 in Pop SongVault Certified
Hide Away
Man In The Moon - EP
Soft Rock
Length: 3:46
On Network Since Jan 26, 2010
Man In The Moon
#356 in Pop SongVault Certified
Man In The Moon
Man In The Moon - EP
Soft Rock
Length: 3:39
On Network Since Jan 26, 2010
Aiming For Sunday
SongVault Certified Artist Aiming For Sunday

Budapest, Hungary

Soft Rock / Indie Rock

Listen to Aiming For Sunday
Aiming for Sunday broke onto the music scene in 2007 with a unique blend of Brit rock, that
you would gladly listen to any day of the week. This band of experienced musicians and songwriters
have made an instant impact and their latest EP, ‘Man in the moon’, is evidence of the
emphasis they place on quality writing, strong melodies and lyrics.
• The Beginning - September 2007
The band, born out of a shared desire to create quality, evocative music,
form in the summer of 2007. They begin writing songs and performing
• Don’t Hide Away - September 2008
AFS head into the studio which is followed by the making of their first
video for the song ‘Hide Away’. The video receives critical acclaim and
considerable airplay on MTV Hungary spending several weeks in the Top
• Won’t let you down - March 2009
The second single ‘Let you down’ receives regular airplay on MR2, Hungary’s
biggest pop/rock radio station. The track makes it onto their compilation
CD of the best hits of the year.
• Good Morning AFS - May 2009
AFS appear twice on RTL’s morning show performing 6 songs.
• Won’t let you down - May 2009
AFS win studio time in the Pannonia and Aquarium studios in Budapest
as a prize in the Hit Space song competition. They begin to lay down
tracks for their upcoming EP.
• Made in Moscow - June 2009
2 tracks - ‘Let you down’ and ‘Hide Away’ receive air play on Russia’s biggest
radio station, Radio Maximum, as part of the Muzprognoz program
promoting up and coming bands in Europe.
• Here comes the sun - July 2009
AFS play a number of successful summer gigs, rocking the MTV stage
at the VOLT Festival and the Hegyalja Festival. They also support Jamie
Winchester at Zold Pardon.
w w w. a i m i n g f o r s u n d a y. c o m
w w w . m y s p a c e . c o m /
a i m i n g f o r s u n d a y m u s i c
a i m i n g f o r s u n d ay @ g m a i l . c om
• Gödör Club - September 2009
AFS peform their most memorable gig to date at the Gödör Club.
• A night at the museum - October 2009
AFS perform ‘unplugged’ together with a string quartet at the Fine Arts
Museum , Budapest as part of a charity gig with prominent Hungarian
• Myspace - October 2009
AFS myspace page attracts 50,000 views 20,000 plays and 18000
• Man in the moon - October 2009
‘Man in the moon - EP released.

Aiming for Sunday are:
Jon Spinks - Lead vocals, Keyboards, Guitar
Peter Nanasi - Lead Guitar
Zoltan Szabo - Rhythm Guitar
Attila Peterfi - Bass
Attila More - Drums
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