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Patchwork Story
#318 in Country SongVault Certified
Patchwork Story
Patchwork Story
Alternative Country
Length: 3:16
On Network Since Apr 3, 2007
Andra Suchy
SongVault Certified Artist Andra Suchy

Minnesota, United States

Alternative Country / Americana

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Andra Suchy (ann-drah soo-key) grew up on a beef and wheat farm south of Mandan, North Dakota. Andra's parents are folk musicians which gave Andra the opportunity to begin gigging and travelling to folk festivals and concerts performing with her family before she was even in school. She studied classical voice until she graduated from high school, and moved to Minneapolis at 19 years old to continue her singing career. Since then, she has worked with many bands and individuals writing, recording, and performing. Andra was nominated for the Minnesota Music Academy female vocalist of the year in 2004, 2005, and 2006. Andra and AP won the Rift Magazine Songwriting Contest #5 on March 10, 2007.ALBUM RECORDING CREDITS include: THE HONEYDOGS "Amygdala" and "10,000 Years"****SOUL ASYLUM "The Silver Lining"****COMPASS ENTERTAINMENT "I Wanna Be"****RHYTHM JONES "Al America"****LOLA AND THE RED HOTS "Have Yourself A Red Little Christmas"****WALLACE HARTLEY AND THE TITANICS "Jellyfish Patrol" and "Wallace Hartley And The Titanics"****KURT JORGENSON "American Bordeaux"****WAIN MCFARLANE "That Was Then, This Is Now"****BILLY JOHNSON'S ROADSHOW "Roadshow"****NYMPHONIX "Arms Around You" and "Off My Mind"****ACCOMPANY PUBLISHING****LONNIE KNIGHT AND THE BIG SHOES "Cain's Blood"****STAN THIELE "The Sublime Pleasures Of Suburban Living"****
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