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Anthony Baglino
Anthony Baglino

South Florida
Florida, United States

Jazz / Latin Jazz

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Fine artist and saxophonist, Anthony Baglino, continues to explore "new media" by fusing his fine art with fusion jazz. Samples of his art and music can be found at Anthony Baglino was born in Miami Beach where he developed his colorful
style of art amongst the Latin community and art deco architecture.
In Miami he attended the Art Institute of Ft. Lauderdale and spent much of his time in painting and exhibiting. Anthony received his B.F.A from Jacksonville University. He then traveled to Europe, where He began fusing the mediums of art and music through live street performances. Upon returning to the U.S., Anthony created a Jazz fusion band. Through live performance he presented his fine art, video and animation to new audiences.Today, Jazz clubs,concerts and art galleries are popular venues for his work. From his studios in St. Augustine, Florida, Mr.Baglino continues to devolop new projects and languages in multiple mediums.
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