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All Songs A Route Less Travelled The Little Match Girl
Lacrimarum Resolutio
#19 in Metal / Hard Rock SongVault Certified
Lacrimarum Resolutio
Metal / Hard Rock
Length: 3:06
On Network Since Mar 6, 2009
Ice and Sun
#82 in New Age SongVault Certified
Ice and Sun
New Age
Length: 5:17
On Network Since Apr 3, 2007
The Mirrors of Apollo
#184 in Electronic SongVault Certified
The Mirrors of Apollo
The Little Match Girl
Length: 7:30
On Network Since Apr 3, 2007
Through the Pain Barrier
#5 in Soundtracks SongVault Finals
Through the Pain Barrier
A Route Less Travelled
Length: 4:15
On Network Since Apr 3, 2007
SongVault Certified Artist Aziraphal

Kranj, Slovenia

Progressive / Ambient

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Imagine an orchestra made up of synth players in Bayreuth Opera House, thousands of blinking LEDs illuminating an ambitious conductor who hates even hearing the word "Minimalism" and whose life-mission is providing the listener with the Symphonic Ambient equivalent of "What the heck just hit me??" feeling of such works as Beethoven's Ode to Joy.

Aziraphal is a composer and producer of Progressive Ambient and Electro-Symphonic music. Besides solo albums in many diverse styles he has created music for TV, films, commercials, Flash ads, games and children's stories. He also composes "serious" classical music for solo piano and small ensembles. His mission is to join the versatile beauty of eletronic sound with the perfection of classical form.


The composition style emerged from the author's classical background, at first influenced, formally, by Chopin and Beethoven and sonically by Vangelis. After a period of collaborating on several film and TV projects he developed a musical form most suitable for his creative visions and electronic tools: the Electrosymphonic Poem. It is a program music form that should be experienced as a standalone soundtrack, utilizing both synthesizers and orchestral samples. His adaptation of a famous Slovenian ballad, "The Legend of the River Man" (Povodni mož) was later adapted into a computer animated film with live jazz-balet cast. He often composes complex classical forms such as the Fugue with modern synth sounds.

Lately he started including overdubbed vocals combined into a one-man choir which adds another dimension of human touch to the music. All lyrics are in an invented musical language; this approach was inspired by such works as Karl Jenkins' Adiemus and Vangelis' Mythodea or 1492 and helps the music express an emotional atmosphere rather than direct defined ideas, allowing for the listener's imagination to participate actively.

His fascination with computers also led to his formal education, a university degree in Computer Science and a career as a software developer. Since the classical piano playing and composition are essential to him as a musician, he keeps in shape by organising a piano recital every two years where he performs challenging pieces from traditional repertoire as well as new compositions written for each occasion. More information can be found on the Web page.
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