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Library or The Liquor Store
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Library or The Liquor Store
Length: 4:49
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In My Life
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In My Life
Rhythm & Blues
Length: 4:01
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Ben Gardner
Ben Gardner

East Coast
Virginia, United States

Blues / Contemporary Blues

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*** 2011 Update ***
I am a featured artist on a newly released CD compilation
I performed with Collecting Efforts Band and were recording music. The group has disbanded after several key members passed. My last song had a message and a new rhythm - music with a message and a purpose.
I am also a solo/one-man-band; and wrote the music and performed all instruments and music. for the other songs at home.

I raised my family with songs in my heart and worked with troubled youth using music. All of this happened after realizing that music may have saved my life:as a youth, I discovered greater choices in life because of music.

I grew up in bands -- literally... playing with a few great artists. I have performed over 40 years, My first paid -band experience began in 1968 - I was 14 years old - with an adult performing show band.

Later, I was fortunate to have performed with a few original blues performers, and realized that, "I am standing on their shoulders"-- not just in a venue-- but a musical tradition seeped deep into culture.

So I loudly, and yet humbly say: thank you-- Benny Sparks, Blind Dog, Mr. Jimmy, George Allen Miles, and Jammin' Jay - and a few others. I owe you and the blues, and shall celebrate your time and music. I met many along the way; and also learned a few things I carry with me as well.

From humble origins to heights and back again, I work my way through life's challenges with songs.

Remember: ... "the whole thing about the blues is getting past it!" I sing to celebrate life, to conquer adversity, to gain a measure of balance, and to inspire.

In this life some teardrops must fall...

I hope you enjoy my songs, I have many more I hope to share.

Thank you for taking the time to review this material folks... and a special thanks to Song Vault -- YEAH!! -- for having this opportunity!
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