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21 Gun Salute
#11 in Reggae SongVault Certified
21 Gun Salute
Length: 3:43
On Network Since Dec 24, 2007
Legalize it
#30 in Reggae SongVault Certified
Legalize it
Length: 4:03
On Network Since Dec 24, 2007
Elephant Wise
SongVault Certified Artist Elephant Wise

QLD, Australia

Reggae / Reggae

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Elephant Wise emerged into the Reggae scene not long ago when he
came out with his mix-tape project titled ‘One A Few’ in the beginning
of 2006, although not in the game for a long while Elephant Wise
is currently making a fair bit of noise with his first promo single ’21 gun
salute’ a joint collaboration project with Rebel Youth Family (Swe).
Born in Kenya, 5th generation African-Indian and with a mother from Sweden
Elephant Wise stems from a diverse cultural background that can be
heard reflected through his music.
In his adolescence he was influenced by hiphop music and worked on
a variety of different musical projects but growing up in Africa, reggae
music was constantly present in day to day life and it has always been
a passion (for Elephant Wise). It wasn’t until 2004 when moving to
Brisbane Australia that he decided to get more involved in Reggae music
as an artist, Deejaying for various Sound Systems and currently working on
a full length album of authentic modern Roots/Dancehall Reggae.
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