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Hannah Richardson
Hannah Richardson

State College
Pennsylvania, United States

Teen Pop / Country

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Hannah Richardson is a 14 year old singer/songwriter/actress from Pennsylvania. Her fans know her as an adorably awkward teenager who uses her passions for all genres of music to entertain and inspire audiences of all ages. She is known for her love of sparkles and spunky stories that are shared with her audiences. Many of Hannah's fans have said her biggest asset is her onstage energy and charisma that shines just as much as her voice does!

Hannah has over 400 performances under her belt, performing across the country in major cities such as Nashville, New York City, Washington D.C., Pigeon Forge, Chicago, and Philadelphia for various festivals, concerts, schools, charities, and productions. Some of her biggest honors have been performing for audiences at The Apollo Theater in Harlem, NY; The Nashville Palace in Nashville, TN; Symphony Hall in Springfield Massachusetts; The Bryce Jordan Center in State College, PA; and The Center for the Performing Arts in University Park, PA.

Hannah's next endeavor is to perform for schools in her home state. She will speak about self-esteem, confidence, and staying strong despite negativity. Her original song "Confident", has already become a big influence on children and she hopes it will continue to encourage and inspire people of all ages.

Hannah's biggest passion is singing and writing/recording music. In July, 2015 she released her Third full-length album titled “13”. This CD is an all original album filled with songs that Hannah wrote both the lyrics and music for. So far, this album has been selling successfully on ITunes, and other music outlets. One of her most popular hits is “Daydream” which is an original song and the music video has recived over 35,000 hits on YouTube! The songs from the album are being played on multiple radio stations in the U.S., Australia, Ireland, Denmark, and England.

Another one of Hannah's talents is filming; Hannah has directed, produced, and filmed all of her music videos currently on YouTube. Her original song, "Daydream" currently has over 34,000 hits on YouTube! This summer, she plans to release four music videos to correspond with her four newest original songs. So far, Hannah has written 8 original songs, all of which are on albums that she has released in the past four years.

Locally, Hannah has been in several theater productions where she has played roles such as Freckleface Strawberry, Freckleface Strawberry; A Midsummer Night's Dream, Helena; The Wiz, The Wizard; and The Addams Family, Pugsley. She also has gotten to sing national anthems and half-time shows for Penn State basketball, ice hockey, soccer, lacrosse, volleyball, gymnastics, and wrestling. Hannah had the honor of opening THON-the largest student run philanthropic in the United States, in 2015.
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