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Headway Band
Headway Band

England, United Kingdom

Indie Rock / Indie Pop

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Hucknall, Nottingham is not what you could call a hotbed of artistic talent. It's a quiet suburb in the heart of middle England - wine bars and dance clubs being about as musically subversive as it gets. But creativity often comes from the most unlikely places and unusual circumstances.
At the start of 2003, childhood Hucknall mates, singer/guitarist David Wright and guitarist Joe Watts, split from their long time band after being frustrated with their fellow musicians’ lack of ambition. The pair decided to start something new with loftier ideals and aspirations, and Headway was born. They soon recruited two more members - Dave "Shaggy" Astbury on bass and Johnny Dakers on drums (later replaced by David Wright's brother Jay). The material they started playing needed something else; soon, keyboard player Tom Harrison was poached from another band and the line-up was complete.
The Headway sound is elegant piano mixed with a driving rhythm section and swooping rock guitars. Beautifully crafted songs are overlaid with the unique voice and melodies of David Wright, who is not just a mesmerizing vocalist but a great front man too--the kind of front man that the UK is renowned for producing.
Having recently been signed to Suretone Records (in partnership with Interscope Records/Universal Music Group) by President Jordan Schur, the band has just put the finishing touches on their debut album, which was produced by internationally acclaimed producer Josh Abraham (30 Seconds from Mars, Velvet Revolver, Staind, Courtney Love). It was mastered by Grammy-winning engineer Ted Jenson (Dave Matthews, Norah Jones, Green Day) in New York, and an official release date will be announced shortly.
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