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California, United States

Electronic / Alternative

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Healamonster is the solo project of Burgess Tomlinson. His musical style is a darkly visceral and cinematic blend of electronic, dub, experimental pop and ambient sounds. “Nine Tons of Blood” best showcases Healamonster’s adventures in spontaneous songcraft, mid to downtempo breakbeats guide deep-seated synths and immerse the listener into an ever changing, found-sound atmosphere of horse races, intelligent baby chatter, cats purring into condenser microphones and a real ghost story. Tracks with vocal elements include Healamonster, Tarsier, and freestyling by Brooklyn’s General Judd. “Nine Tons of Blood” was the #1 selling independent release at Amoeba Hollywood as reported by Campus Circle (Feb-14th-Feb-20th 2007) and has consistently been on Amoeba’s electronic best sellers list. His last release with Longtime collaborator Tarsier “The Heart of A Blue Whale is the Size of a Small Car” which fused more acoustic instrumentation (guitar, cello, xylophone) with their electronic-ambient pop sound enjoyed a yearlong residency on Amoeba Music's monthly top electronic sellers List during 2006. The song, "Cotton Candy (Moonbunny Remix)" garnered critical acclaim, grabbing the attention of KCRW DJs Nic Harcourt of Morning Becomes Eclectic and Jason Bentley. Bentley frequently spun the track on his Los Angeles radio shows, Metropolis (KCRW) and Afterhours (KROQ). Last year he also toured the United States playing in the Alias & Tarsier live band. His remix of the first Alias & Tarsier single, "Dr. C" (anticon, 2006) is included on the new album.

$1.00 from each sale of Healamonster's new CD "Nine Tons of Blood" will go to Native Energy, a company that helps build renewable energy projects. Native American wind turbines and dairy farm methane energy projects will deliver clean, renewable energy to the grid on your behalf, displacing power that otherwise has to come from burning fossil fuels. For more info go to

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