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Hilton Emard
Hilton Emard

new york
Alabama, United States

Dancepunk / Industrial

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How to pick a skateboard as a beginner? The most basic tips

Are you new to skateboarding? Are you looking for a skateboard that is best suitable for you but you don’t know how to do that? Yes, I understand cuz I have been there. Every skateboarder starts as a beginner, so in this article, I will help you break through this challenge and get the best skate for beginners that you desire.

Choose where to buy the skateboard

Normally, going to the actual skateshop is the best option to buy a good skateboard as you can touch and check the board in person. This way, you can avoid some risks like boards looking different from posted photos or poor quality materials.

One tip is to choose the shop where many skateboarders also buy their set of wheels. This means the shop has a reputation and quality deck.

Choosing the board parts

Since you are new to skateboarding, the best skateboard to buy for a beginner is the pre-assembled type. Although it is a complete skateboard, you should also consider each specific part carefully before purchasing.

The deck: The best size for newbies is 7.5-8” of width and 30” of length. You will find it easier to balance on this board.

The truck: Flip up the board and check if the two trucks fit with the deck perfectly. Trucks made with metal are the most durable and strong, so do consider this.

Wheels: The hardness and size of the wheels do matter to your ride. You should go for 49-52 mm wheels if you plan to ride mostly on the street while park skating requires larger wheels running from 54mm to 60 mm.

Choosing the shape of your deck

Although there are many types of skateboard deck shapes out there, you should opt for conventional boards which have the nose and tail both rounded. It looks identically like a popsicle stick but shorter and bigger.

Popsicle boards are the complete skateboards for beginners that help you easily perform your very first basic tricks.


This is the least important part because without it you can skate normally. However, if you are buying skateboards for your children, you need to have this part because kids love gorgeous graphics.


The purpose of grip tape is to help your feet grip the board better and not slip easily. Most skateboards on the market have grip tape. You don't need to worry too much about this part. If the griptape is missing from the deck, ask the shop owner about it.
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