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Kentucky, Mexico

Chicago Blues

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Our Company
REALHI TRADE CO .,LTD & Dalian RenHeng Chemical Products Co.,Ltd
The Company Main business fall into three main categories:
鈼?Refractory materials:
Our company close to the capital of Magnesium in the world-Dashiqiao City . so we have the unique geographical condition ,convenient communication and abundant resource .we have ourselves factory of CCM , And we also has DBM, FM and Magnesium sulphate to cooperate with some big group, such as HouYing group , Qunyi Group ,Huayu Group And So On .so we can supply different grade quality, size to meet the different buyer鈥檚 demand .
鈼?nbsp;Chemical products :
Main products is magnesium hydroxide for LSOH, our production line purchased from Germany ,the quality of magnesium hydroxide can compare with the Europe quality ,but at a competitive price .Aluminum Hydroxide ,calcined Alumina and some other Alumina salt ,which them from the biggest factory -CHALCO .
鈼?nbsp;Reflective glass beads :
We have 3 production line located in different place in china . The fuel is coking gas ,nature gas .The glass beads can demand different countries standards, UK, Korea, Japan, America, or Australia. The special glass beads - high reflective glass beads for raining night ,car plate ,or reflective clothes adopt the new process ,the refractive index can be 1.9-2.4 .The goods has been exported to many countries -Japan , Europe ,korea ,India and middle East Etc and receive the good reputation from them .we always service our clients in professional spirit ,excellent goods and honest attitude .
Our Products
Realhi Trade products includes the following锛?/p>
鈻?Refractory material;
鈻?nbsp;Chemical products;
鈻?nbsp;Reflective glass beads.
We supply above products all over the globe to a wide range of companies worldwide.
Products Application
Magnesia is mainly used in the production of refractory products, and as an inner liner used in the iron and steel, metallurgical industry, used for agriculture and animal husbandry .Such as锛?/p>
鈽?Magnesia carbon brick
鈽?nbsp;Magnesite chrome brick
鈽?nbsp;Glass magnesium board
鈽?nbsp;Ramming mass
鈽?nbsp;Gunning material
鈽?nbsp;Produced magnesium sulfate fertilizer
鈽?Feed grade caustic calcined magnesite
Chemical products mainly used in as following:
鈽?nbsp;The desulfurization dedicated
鈽?nbsp;The paper
鈽?nbsp;Metallurgical coke is used in the smelting of steel
鈽?nbsp;Calcined alumina is used as raw material for ceramic and glass production
As a kind of new material with wide application and special performance, glass beads are very popular in various industries.
Production Market
In past serval years, we have a agent in India. So we are very familiar with India market. Now we export CCM銆丏BM銆丗M total about 70-100FCL per month to India market. It never happen the quality problem. Of course, our market not only India, but also Europe, southeast Aisa, America etc鈥?/p>
Our Service
鈼?Before sales, we have professional personnel for product introduction, to ensure that customers provide professional services;
鈼?nbsp;In the course of selling, we update the information about documents, loading and transportation to customers immediately to ensure that customers are at ease with the goods;
鈼?nbsp;After sales, make return visits to customers and ask about their satisfaction with this cooperation, so as to facilitate long-term cooperation.Fused Magnesium
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