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Joynt Chiefs
Joynt Chiefs

Los Angeles
California, United States

HipHop / Rap / HipHop / Rap

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It's just that big drinkin, big tree blowin, big thizzin, big pimpin, big partyin, big rhymin, big show rockin, big timing it in the big city group of Mc's: JOYNT CHIEFS. What it do? Home grown Southern Cali natives livin and lovin this L. A. life. The women, the weather, the night life and the late night hype. After the party is the after party. And aint no party like a Raw Naked party. Any time you doin it Raw Naked style, you doin it right. Only freaky women allowed though. And if you readin this then you already headed in the right direction. But don't get it wrong. Raw Naked style does not mean without a condom if you gettin down. We advocate safe sex. Ya dig? Now all you have to do is get the Raw Naked Party Soundtrack Vol. 1, and the party will follow. But for now, start with the single "Catch Your Breath". It's like gettin in a hot tub... You wanna ease your way in. Then once you in, it's the business.

We some West Coast rap artists showin yall the fun lovin aspect of what we do. For us, it's all about tight rhymes and good music. JOYNT CHIEFS: Six Mc's who came together years ago. Bazerk, C-Money, D'Ranged, Duelo, General, and Inestine. Bazerk Duelo and General are from South Central or South L.A. C-Money and Inestine are from Compton and D' Ranged is from Carson. We all got years in this rap thang with a few modest successes both separately and together. We're primed and ready to break out and do it big. What you gone get from us is talent, experience, and skills...Period.
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