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Julie (Jules) Yount
Julie (Jules) Yount

Devon, United Kingdom

Indie Rock

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Jules is ray of sunlight through the stormclouds guiding her listeners through growling depths of untamed passion to lingering melodies and lyric landscapes. Ani Difranco meets Tori Amos. She’ll sing to your soul & challenge your heart to feel.

Not only is Jules a beautiful vocalist having won prestige in both the folk & jazz community, she is also a fully trained classical composer having worked with a multitude of orchestras and smaller ensembles within the US, UK and Europe. Her haunting melodies and whimsical humor has entranced audiences across the miles. Wanting to share her enthusiasm for music, in 2001 she opened the Exeter/Devon Composer Group in collaboration with BACS (The British Academy of Composers and Songwriters) and SPNM (Society for the Promotion of New Music) and began working with local young musicians - a project which allowed her the esteemed honor of composing a new work for the Queen of England and the Duke of Edinburgh to mark the Jubilee Celebrations in Exeter Cathedral. By 2006 her success had snowballed and she began working as promoter for several up-and-coming rock bands. Summer 2007 marked the first JYM US/UK tour exchange programme which twined the EMMALINE MUCHMORE from Minneapolis, USA with S-O-B ("Some Other Bloke") from the UK. Other bands that were included in the tour were: The Pleasure Seekers, The Enigma Design, Eventine, NUMB, Dawn Chorus Ignites, Ladydoll and Cars in Walls. In November 2007 Jules joined the Kellie Cox band as a support vocalist and guitarist with the future plans already in motion to join in on piano. For more information please visit KELLIE COX's website at:

2008 marks a new beginning and Jules continues to follow her exciting and varied career in music. She released her first EP "Feels like Sunlight" with the very talented Steve Burnett on the 8th of August and they are currently working on several new pieces together.

2009 will see the release of a new CD. In addition, the second JYM US/UK tour exchange will bring New Jersey based singer/songwriter John Taglieri to the UK.

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