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All Songs A Heart of Worship
#13 in Gospel SongVault Certified
A Heart of Worship
Length: 3:53
On Network Since Nov 14, 2007
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A Heart of Worship
Length: 3:53
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SongVault Certified Artist KELLI

Georgia, United States

Praise / Worship / Contemporary Gospel

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How often do you find young people who truly desire to give God their all? You can find that remarkable quality in the person of Kelli Ellis.

Born in Mount Vernon, New York, Kelli is third child and oldest daughter in her musical family. Kelli, a musical prodigy, began playing piano at the age of five and began singing as early as she can remember. At seven, Kelli played piano as her mother would sing. Her mothers voice then carried distinct sound and anointing that is still intact today. In New York, the family attended Emmanuel Pentecostal Church and little Kelli would sing in the childrens choir. At the age of eight, her father began deliberately training Kelli how to play by ear, by having Kelli playing the melody to each song during service. Her father also trained her two older brothers, one on bass and one on drums.

When Kelli turned twelve, the family moved to Atlanta. By this time Kelli was singing background with her family. The entire family, known as The Gs, would provide the accompaniment as her anointed mother would sing. By the age of 14, Kelli was leading songs in church. When not in church, Kelli studied. She matriculated McNair High School, leaving in 1995. She continued her education at Lanier Technical College, 2001. With the gift to beautify others with the work of her hands, Kelli began to work as a cosmetologist, motivated by the creed that all believers can be beautiful inside and out. Even in the house of God Kelli beautifies the temple by playing beautiful music and serving as Minister of Music at the Faith Deliverance Temple. There, her Brother Vincent Goard is Pastor. Additionally, Kelli is a member of the All Nations Life and Praise Center, where Minister Keith Brooks is Pastor. At All Nations, Kelli is the Praise and Worship Leader, a pivotal role in a ministry.

Throughout her life she has consistently given praise to God through song. For singing transcends time and space, thoughts and feelings. Singing actually is therapeutic, encouraging, and allows Kelli to praise and lift up the name of Jesus. One thing that is peculiar regarding Kelli is the fact that throughout her youth and young adult-hood, she has never wanted to sing R&B. Of course shes listened to a variety of music and singers while growing up, but never wanted to seriously pursue that genre thinking that in the midst of an ad lib she might say Jesus instead of the lyrics. She has never felt comfortable going far from the roots planted firmly by her mother and her father. Mentored by her mother, Kelli has always been significantly influenced by her mothers singing style, sound, and anointing. According to Kelli, No one has a voice like hers . . . I look up to her the most. Through her mothers influence, Kelli has created for herself a vocal niche that is unique and highly sought after. She has been requested to sing background for such gospel industry artists as: Keith Brooks and New Creation, Kim Burell, Beverly Crawford, Bruce Parham, Bryon Cage, Donnie McClurkin, Dorothy Norwood, Dottie Peoples, LaShun Pace, LaCrecia Campbell, Juanita Bynum, and Walter Hawkins.

Kelli endeavors to fulfill her purpose and destiny by encouraging others to give God their all in whatever they set their minds to do! Kelli praises God with her whole heart, mind and strength! Because God gives His Best, Kelli endeavors to give God her best!
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