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Lackawanna Rail
Lackawanna Rail

East Brunswick
New Jersey, United States

Folk Rock / Americana

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Lackawanna Rail is Poetry in Loco-Motion!
3 players, 12 years together, Over 100 years of combined musical experience. Lot's of life has passed through our memories. We like to share that. says "Check out the style of "What is Truth" (especially the background/supporting vocals); you'll half expect Ed Sullivan or Dick Clark to come out after the song is over. "

C. Nathan Coyle continues with "That Look in Your Eyes" is a heartfelt, sentimental song that will be adored by every little girl's daddy, and probably every daddy's little girl. It doesn't take the saccharine route; instead it offers an honest look at the father-daughter dynamic and the persistence of love despite life's many obstacles.

Dan MacIntosh says "I Think You Should Know takes the listener on a bit of a journey. Lackawanna Railís easygoing instrumentation at first leads you to believe that life is simple and all is well. But toward the discís end, even the warmth of mandolin and other acoustic instrumentation cannot mask the pain that lives deep inside these musicians. "

Another reviewer said "The song variety is wide-ranging, not stopping before covering Doo-Wop, and the different musical styles are woven in an exciting way. Well done."

All in all, Lackawanna Rail is fun loving band, bringing their music to the forefront.
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