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Lady Khadija
Lady Khadija

Michigan, United States

Soul / Spoken Word

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Lady Khadija is Olufemi is Latifa is...
most of the time I feel blessed and highly favored. the Almighty has given me so much...
a strong and beautiful voice, the ability to take my experiences and those of others and put it in poetry and song, nimble fingers to play the guitar, create digital designs and crochet with, healing hands, an inclination to all things natural and the mind to use them for the benefit. i have traveled the world... shared meals with royalty, seen most of the fifty united states, performed on the same stages as common, j. ivy, talib kweli, abyss, tommy bottoms, last poets, ledisi, mos def, ember swift, ga me and so many other phenomenal musicians, poets and vocalists...
these hands, this mind and mouth, my gifts from God and my gift to God...
above all, God has shown me the path to His Divine Presence!
the rest is yet to come.
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