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Lea Marie
Lea Marie

Los Angeles
California, United States

Teen Pop / Bubblegum Pop

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Teen singer-songwriter Lea Marie burst onto the L.A. music scene after being rated the #1 Pop Demo of 2007," in Music Connection magazine with "World Of Wonders," "Memories," and "Your Brother’s Girl." Music Connection wrote, "Hard to imagine a package that's tighter than this one! In every way, sixteen-year old Lea Marie's music and visual presentation are commercially viable. She is also featured in the magazine's prestigious "23rd Annual Directory Of Artists and Bands for 2008!" Lea Marie was also featured on the season premiere of the popular TV series "American Idol," when it aired in January 2009.

"Lea Marie’s got it all - the voice, the songs, and the look," states Jason Blume, an industry veteran and songwriter for artists such as Britney Spears and the Backstreet Boys. "I've worked with countless songwriters and have rarely round any who show as much talent and promise."

"Lea Marie's talent and work ethic put her at the top of the my list of teen singer/songwriters most likely to succeed," states John Braheny, author of "The Craft and Business of Songwriting." She has composed over 100 original songs on piano and guitar. Lea Marie’s music has developed into a dynamic combination of "infectious pop tunes, catchy hooks and beats for edgy ear candy with powerful storytelling lyrics."

This talented teen will release her self-titled debut album, "Lea Marie," on April 21, 2009, on LM Records. Her debut album is a collection of her favorite compositions taken from the pages of her life.

As Lea Marie’s creative diversity moves her steadily into more exciting artistic directions and opportunities, she eagerly anticipates her future.

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