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Dance Floor
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Dance Floor
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Likwid Stoan
SongVault Certified Artist Likwid Stoan

North Carolina, United States

HipHop / Rap / Rhythm & Blues

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Most of us listen to music but others of us consume music. We take music and make it a general part of our lives. In the south, Hip-Hop was somewhat re-formatted and brought to the public in many different styles and concepts. Likwid Stoan, A Hip-Hop/R&B duo out of North Carolina has done just that. They have taken a combination of southern styles and methods to producing their music to present to you a mid-Atlantic style. The basis of their music abilities derive from being positive and staying truthful about life situations. If you are not tuned in to Likwid Stoan, you are missing history in the making.
Frank Santiago, the singer born in MD and raised in GA, also a co-founder of Likwid Stoan, compliments him with his background vocals on raps but yet is still able to pull a serenade out of his pocket at any given time. With songs such as "Nice and Slow" and "Possible", you will understand why he is considered one of the best male vocalists in N.C. Frank began singing at the age of 5 but didn't go publicly with it until the age of 16 while living in Georgia and being a member of the gospel group Heavenly Voices. He was the lead in the tenor section and took the skills he learned and applied them to his own method of singing. He has developed a soulful but yet welcoming voice throughout the duration of his career and has become very familiar with his vocal range. Working with ReMarkable and JBritt at Planet X studios he has managed to perform songs written by them and himself in a manner that was very pleasing to his fan base. Frank is also fluent and very versatile when it comes to Hip-Hop. He is repeatedly requested to perform at weddings and anniversaries because of his excellent ability to cover requested songs. He continues to work very hard inside and outside of the studio on the business aspect of his career and he is also enrolled in college for his business degree in entertainment.
M.(Iso) Lovett, the witty lyricist born and raised in Greensboro N.C., is one of the co-founders of Likwid Stoan and with his very detailed words of contribution (as he calls it), will undoubtedly keep you listening for the very next line. He currently also attends the University of North Carolina in Greensboro to pursue his degree in Business Administration with a concentration in economics. He began rapping at the age of 14 after being inspired by many of the legends in the Hip-Hop industry today. He was the third member of a group that went by the name Display Kase with whom he recorded a mass of songs and performed at talent shows, venues, charity causes, and for just the local public. Later on he linked up with Spotrushaz Entertainment and began traveling and networking for a major portion of his career. Performing at venues such as The House of Blues in S.C. and various clubs and festivals within a 900 mile radius of Greensboro, N.C. This experience allowed him to gravitate his musical abilities to industry ready levels. With many newly developed contacts and open doors, he formulated Blakphist Society with A-wax of ANW South. He met Frank in 2008 and they immediately hit it off recording songs from day one and they have been at it ever since. After things fell apart with Blakphist because of performance difficulties he continued to work with Frank and in 2008 they, together, established Likwid Stoan.
Together, Frank and Iso have produced music that is unlike most of what you may hear. Currently working on an upcoming debut album titled "The Weekender", again working with ReMarkable and JBritt, they have been spending countless hours in the studio. Their ability to collaborate on any song makes these two individuals very marketable and demanded. Prior to beginning the production of the album they were featured in the Self Paid compilation produced by Big Will, CEO of WWS magazine based on the west coast which received over 55,000 distributed copies in the US and they also appeared on the Green Light Go mix tape featuring Rick Ross, Triple C's and other various artist brought to you by BG the Prophet which also received countless downloads and listens; you can find this work @ They also collaborated with Project Pat on an unreleased recording set to be an addition to the album, along with their new single “About Money” featuring Atlanta artist Gorilla Zoe. You will be hearing a lot from Likwid Stoan in the near future. You can also view more about them at or for booking contact them at
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