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Lil Mendi GothBoiMob99
Lil Mendi GothBoiMob99

NORTH WEST, South Africa

HipHop / Rap / Singer/Songwriter

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GothBoiMob99 is a South African Hip hop(trap) group from North West,Mahikeng,they were founded in 2017.They are composed of 5 rappers known by their stage names Lil Mendi,Flame ba,Trapboybee,Rratti Cardi & BalaclavaBoy.

Formation & early life

GothBoiMob99 was founded by Lil Mendi(Oratile Thatoyaone Motlhala who was born in 2001 August 28),Flame ba (Molemo Kukama who was born in 2000 September 27),Trapboybee(Oarabile Kgaje who was born in 2000 March 28),Rratti Cardi (Obakeng Marumo who was born in 1996 December 12)and BalaclavaBoy(Lobakeng Mokoto who was born in 1998 September 19),they called themselves DetroGang before the formation of GothBoiMob99. The 5th are related and they grew up together.Lil Mendi is Rratti Cardi,Trapboybee & BalaclavaBoy's cousin while he is Flame ba's best friend.

GothBoiMob99 are well known from their single titled "Alone" which was released in 2018 and it was played on air in Kopanong fm,the single was produced by Avid Illest and Mr Eze. - The Best in Independent Music - The Best in Independent Music - The Best in Independent Music - The Best in Independent Music
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