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2  Hearts  Are 1
#503 in Pop SongVault Certified
2 Hearts Are 1
Adult Contemporary
Length: 4:23
On Network Since Feb 1, 2012
Linda Arseneault
SongVault Certified Artist Linda Arseneault

New Brunswick, Canada

Country / Pop

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My name is Linda Arseneault. I grew up in Rogersville, NB and now live in the Moncton area. Music has played a
huge role in my life.I started singing at the age of 2, and growing up, my parents took me singing everywhere.
At clubs entering contests, nursing homes and at the Ouest- Collette Annual Picnic.I loved singing for big crowds.
Singing is my passion! Last year, I started entering contests online. I had 2 songs played in online radio show
called "Da Puter Shack's Top 20". It was very exciting!
Today, being in a recording studio and doing my first single, has always been a dream of mine.
Thank you "K Bay Music Productions" now I have the chance to make my dreams come true.
The door of opportunity`s knockin`, so I`m walking through and not looking back!
This is what I`ve dreamed about my whole life, and I don't want to miss this!
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