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loren radis
loren radis

san luis obispo
California, United States

Contemporary Folk / Indie Rock

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Loren Radis is a singer-songwriter on the rise. The 23-year-old front man of the band Each Passing Day is building a strong following on California's Central Coast, and he's preparing to hit the road this fall to promote his debut CD. He's twice won the "Best Song" prize at the West Coast Songwriters Competitions in San Luis Obispo.

Thousands of fans have viewed his videos on YouTube (58 are now posted here:, ranging from soulful originals to covers of Damien Rice, Death Cab for Cutie, Elliott Smith, Simon & Garfunkel, and a bunch of Beatles songs. Hundreds of listeners on have bumped his songs into the Top 20, ahead of Iron & Wine and Feist.

Loren is the son of a pro musician (his dad, Bo Radis), so Loren began playing guitar at age 12, and singing just for fun. But he has seriously developed his songwriting and performing skills in the last two years, finding that emotional release that only music provides. "My songs helped me through some really tough times," he says, "and if they can help other people, then I'm glad."

Bio by Steve Key
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