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Mississippi Moon
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Mississippi Moon
Absence O Color
Length: 2:45
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So Romantic
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So Romantic
Absence Of Color
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Lori Black
Lori Black

California, United States

Country / Country Western

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I was born in Chicago, Illinois into an educated family that is generally not artistically inclined. I was the oldest of 4 children (the experiment) and had a very outgoing personality. My Dad’s career kept us moving around from state to state so we ended up in Middleton, Wisconsin where most of my musical likes and dislikes were formed. I attended high school at Middleton High School and was involved in everything musical or theatrical that I could sign up for. I was very much a “class clown” and I developed the nickname “Buzz” that name stuck throughout my lifetime. When listening to the radio in Wisconsin the only genres of music played there were either hard rock or soft rock and of course country, so that was about all that I knew about.
My Dad loved all of the great singers like “Frank Sinatra, Johnny Mathis, The Drifters, & Tony Bennett“. He would play those LP’s on the record player over and over again. And sing out loud terribly off key and me and my brother and sisters would just laugh. I would practice and imitate celebrities and pretend I was singing and dancing on television. As kids, my brother and my 2 sisters would prepare choreographed shows to the latest hits for our relatives. It was always a regular event during the holidays.
After a while I started landing lead singing parts with many different groups in school. One year I participated in 4 singing groups at one time. The more the merrier as far as I was concerned. I learned about so many different styles of music from opera to songs from other countries in other languages.
I eventually studied singing techniques with Debra Harry’s (Blondie) vocal teacher. She was professional opera singer and she taught me many great things. Primarily how to achieve different vocal effects and how to help create the mood you want in a song.
From High School I moved to Mt. Holly, New Jersey and enjoyed music there and dabbled a little but never really seriously pursued anything. I did some modeling, but in the back of my mind I knew that I would eventually move to California and go after my life-long desire to be an Entertainer. I got married and learned about many creative talents that I was capable of through my husbands drive and creativity. He helped me to develop the strong work ethic that I possess today.
But the pull of Hollywood and my desire to be an Entertainer got the best of me and finally I decided after my divorce to drive across the United States in a beat-up old Toyota station wagon full of my things. I had about $250.00 left in my pocket when I reached the big sign that said “Welcome to California” with a tear in my eye, I pulled over, got out of the car and kissed the ground. I had made it. This was it! I’m here!!! That day I stopped at Circuit City in the “valley” and they offered me a job that day!
So I knew it was meant to be.
It took years to acclimate myself to California. What a hick I was!
I had a John Deere Tractor that I used to ride around on. (You know the latest technology). Most people driving by didn’t know if I was male or female back then. (That’s okay, keep ‘em guessing). I found that to be hysterical. My favorite outfit was a flannel shirt and black spandex pants. (The spandex was so comfortable on the seat of the tractor - but it was hard to stay on top of it going up and down hills). I used to wear my John Deere hat backwards. The only other thing that I needed was chewing tobacco!
Everybody was so beautiful and thin in California. Not like where I came from. Bodies were proportionately different to say the least. Here the men and women had such long hair, and the pretty faces, and the sexy clothing. There was so much competition for everything. I went through a few jobs in the kitchen design and appliance sales and worked on the side in films, television, and commercials for a few years. I discovered that I enjoyed the entertainment business a great deal and I was interested in learning more.
On the set of “Star Trek - Deep Space Nine” I met some people that I eventually produced and wrote an album with but it was just a beginning.
This is when I began to discover my love for writing lyrics and melodies and developed my current vocal style.
The whole experience of playing my music for other people inspired me to continue to write songs, and look for outlets for my music. I eventually auditioned for a Soft Rock Band called “Bentsilver” and started to get more of a taste of the music business. Bentsilver was fortunate enough to have radio airplay, and great industry reviews. Bentsilver developed fans all over the world. We even hit the “Top 20” in Belgium!!!
I have just finished my 1st Country CD . I really have enjoyed working on this project a great deal because it brought me back home. I feel that I was digging down deep into my days in Wisconsin when I was writing the lyrics.
This is my 1st Country CD titled "Absence of Color". The sound is very traditional country with my voice that is more contemporary. Writing has begun for CD ..2 with bigger and better shows with coreography and duets. Please keep in touch. I love your support. It really inspires me. Keep inspiring others, keep plugging away, keep it authentic, but most of all keep it country. Take care.
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