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British Columbia, Canada

Folk Rock / Indie Pop

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LOTUS is an indie female band from Vancouver, BC (Canada) - formed in 2000 - currently looking to take the next step as a band. They were self-represented at MIDEM (France) 2008 to promote the band on an international level.

Lotus is a group with charisma and drive.
They have a self-produced, unreleased album that was recorded in Brian Adams’ Warehouse Studio in Vancouver, BC. The band was approached by Warehouse engineer Mike Cashin, to record this album with him. This cd, Under The Sun, will be released September, 2008.

Lotus also has a music video for Under The Sun, that was directed and orchestrated by J.P. Finn, producer of X-Files.

Both the album and the video were made by respected industry people who recognized Lotus’ potential for success and approached the band for these projects.

Their debut album Better day was re-released in 2005 with national distribution. The first single Little Train was released to Hot A/C radio across Canada that same year.

Lotus has over 7 years of performing experience together, having played shows and festivals across BC and the US. The band has a great image and stage presence, and their music is appealing to a broad range of audiences.

The members chose the name Lotus, as in “Lotus Land” to represent their home. Lotus has many meanings - a Buddhist quote says, “lotus is the purity that come from nothing more than dirt, humble beginnings”. Historically, B.C. was nick-named “lotus land” as many people arrive with intentions of visiting, only to never return home. And so it is with Lotus.

The members of Lotus have strong musical backgrounds:

Feona, the lead vocalist, is originally from Edmonton, Alberta, and has been singing and writing since a very young age.

Elizabeth, of Victoria BC, is a singer/songwriter, who studied piano at the Royal Conservatory.

John was in a group called Psychic Cowboys in Austin, Texas, now has a solo career as Psychic Cowboy.

Rachael was born in Port of Spain, Trinidad, and holds music degrees in piano and flute and learned drums at the music school that she also manages.

Look for the band on the festival circuit, and other venues across Canada and the United States.
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