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Strange Thing
#176 in Folk SongVault Certified
Strange Thing
Length: 5:22
On Network Since May 3, 2010
Nobody's Blues
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Nobody's Blues
Nobody's Blues
Length: 6:48
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Lucas Biespiel
SongVault Certified Artist Lucas Biespiel

Oregon, United States

Folk / Blues

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Lucas Biespiel is an up and coming singer songwriter from Portland, Oregon. He has released four albums, most recently and all original one called "Invisible." He is currently working away at his fifth album, "Nobody's Blues" which is slotted to be released by the end of 2010.

Biespiel has played at a multitude of musical joints across Oregon and Washington, including a performance at the 2009 Waterfront Blues Festival. He also performs frequently at the Mississippi Pizza Pub, and Arrivederci's Restaurant, as the lead singer of up and coming blues band the Backyard Blues Boys.

Lucas prides himself in his songwriting, and has written upwards of 60 songs. His talent in writing has been compared by fans to that of folk music legend Bob Dylan, while his voice has been compared to that of Van Morrison. Biespiel also writes most of the Backyard Blues Boys original songs, and has collaborated with artists like Tim Tracy and Laura Chase in his writing.

In addition to his songwriting, Biespiel is an extremely talented violinist, and has won several local awards for his playing. After eleven plus years of classical music playing, Lucas decided to apply his talent on the violin to non-classical music, like when he did a blues/jazz version of popular carol "O Come All Ye Faithful" which brought a jam packed club Satiricon to its feet. He is currently studying with popular Jazz violinist Eddie Parente.

Biespiel has jammed on his violin and with vocals alongside such artists as The Horror Choir (otherwise known as Matt Snell), the ringleader of the Chocking Hazard Orchestra (Peter Snell), Royal Conservatory of Music Graduate Tricia Snell. Most frequently he plays with the award winning Backyard Blues Boys on lead vocals and violin. He was also heard rehearsing by Thomas Lauderdale: the pianist and creator of world renowned jazz group "Pink Martini," who called Lucas's music "excellent."

Recently, Lucas has begun working with Galina Socolofsky and Trevor Houghton in preparation for shows at smaller venues that are more adept to his softer acoustic folk songs than the rockin' electric blues tunes he performs at larger venues with the BBB's.
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