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Luke Walton Band
Luke Walton Band

Los Angeles
California, United States

Singer/Songwriter / Rock

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The Luke Walton Band sounds a bit like a mixture between Matchbox Twenty and Keith Urban. Luke Walton's original songs focus on the endless search for meaningful love in the unsettled world of a teenager.19-year-old, Luke Walton received national media attention after appearing on YouTube. Sitting in his bedroom with an acoustic guitar, he covered Taylor Swift's song Love Story in an attempt to convince the Grammy Award-winning pop star to go on a date with him. ( video went viral and spread across the Internet garnering over 220,000 hits and extensive media interest from the likes of USA Today, NBC, and Country Weekly Magazine. ("It's new, it's fresh, and innovative. Luke needs to be out there NOW showing all these modern day artists how to do it."-Lamont Dozier, Grammy award-winner, composer of 52 #1 hit songs
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