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All Songs Revive Us Again
Revive Us Again
#181 in Christian SongVault Certified
Revive Us Again
Revive Us Again
Length: 2:53
On Network Since Apr 10, 2007
I Need Thee Every Hour
#182 in Christian SongVault Certified
I Need Thee Every Hour
Revive Us Again
Length: 4:41
On Network Since Apr 10, 2007
One Accord
SongVault Certified Artist One Accord

Florida, United States

Christian / Praise / Worship

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True worship is not a performance or a spectacle for the world to see, but an expression of our love and need for a Holy God. That is the essence of what One Accord hopes to communicate through their music. Their desire is “to worship the Father in spirit and truth” (Jn. 4:23).

As brother and sister, Tyler Kepner and Jenny Thompson, have sung together in various ways throughout their lives. Over the years, they have been very involved in music ministry, serving on praise teams and ensambles. In 2001, they were asked to sing a duet at church and One Accord was formed. It was then that they realized God’s calling for them as leaders in worship.

Since coming together as One Accord, Tyler and Jenny have been building their ministry in their home church and have recently begun to take their message out into the world. As they sing, they hope to convey the testimony of how God has demonstrated His grace in both of their lives. Tyler came to know the power of prayer as he and his wife Susie dealt with immigration issues when they were first married 4 years ago. They watched God miraculously work through difficult circumstances that at one point separated them for several months as they tried to get Susie back to the U.S. Jenny had major back surgery on September 11, 2001. She bears witness of Jehovah Raffa who heals and comforts in times of pain. Part of her testimony is in her daughter’s birth on the second anniversary of her second surgery. God has been working in both Tyler and Jenny in order to equip them for ministry. Their prayer is that through their songs and stories, God will be glorified.

One Accord was privileged to be a part of the Pensacola Christian music festival, GRACE, in 2004. Later that year, One Accord was selected as semi-finalists in the Exalting Him National Talent Search and went on to compete against 9 other groups from their region in Atlanta, GA.

One Accord’s first album, Revive Us Again, was released in 2005. A compilation of hymns and worship songs, this album was recorded as an offering of praise to the God who brings revival to all those who truly seek Him. Tyler and Jenny also wanted to share songs that have influenced and enhanced their walk with the Lord.

God is now leading Tyler and Jenny into a new realm of ministry as they are both taking up the guitar. Using instruments will free One Accord to lead in worship even more effectively. God is also writing new songs in and through them that they can’t wait to share. It has been an exciting journey for this brother and sister team, and they look forward to the adventure that lies ahead in going wherever God leads.
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