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All Songs Victors Dues
Deep Sea Telemetry
#25 in New Age SongVault Certified
Deep Sea Telemetry
Victors Dues
New Age
Length: 2:05
On Network Since Feb 12, 2008
Love Thing
#20 in Blues SongVault Finals
Love Thing
Length: 2:08
On Network Since Oct 9, 2014
Oasis Blues
#24 in International SongVault Finals
Oasis Blues
Length: 3:41
On Network Since Oct 8, 2014
Nicky's Palace
#18 in Latin SongVault Showcase
Nicky's Palace
Length: 3:39
On Network Since Jun 7, 2012
Warehouse Blues 2
#20 in Blues SongVault Showcase
Warehouse Blues 2
Length: 4:00
On Network Since Mar 28, 2017
Desert Crossing
#7 in New Age SongVault Auditions
Desert Crossing
Length: 5:44
On Network Since Oct 22, 2014
A Clue For Col. Mustard
#10 in Jazz SongVault Auditions
A Clue For Col. Mustard
Cool Jazz
Length: 3:42
On Network Since Oct 9, 2014
Raymond Haysbert/Deep Sea Telemetry
SongVault Certified Artist Raymond Haysbert/Deep Sea Telemetry

Newport News
Virginia, United States

Electronic / Jazz

Listen to Raymond Haysbert/Deep Sea Telemetry
Musical influences: MJQ, Ramsey Lewis Trio, Stevie Wonder and whoever was playing at the Left Bank Jazz Society of Baltimore Md. in the 70's.

What says about "Ray Haysbert Jr."

Soul-heavy blues; A dose of jazz adds to a strong sense of technical ability....
(Reviewed by Mike M.)

"Deep Sea Telemetry" is the remote monitoring of conditions or activity underwater.

Ray's music is availble on itunes, Napster, Music Match, Rapsody, and other download services.

Currently available releases; As Deep Sea Telemetry "Desert Trooper" & "Tropical Splash".
As Raymond Haysbert Jr. "Haysbert" & "Victors Dues".
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