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Let's Dance
#73 in Rhythm & Blues SongVault Certified
Let's Dance
Rhythm & Blues
Length: 3:36
On Network Since Apr 15, 2009
RayShawn LeRoy
SongVault Certified Artist RayShawn LeRoy

New York, United States

Rhythm & Blues / Pop

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Embarking on creating a musical legacy proves tumultuous at best for any new recording artist in an industry where many of their peers are fly by night one hit wonders. The process of infiltrating the psyche of the masses often is a journey that tests both the essence and endurance of the creative spirit of many artists. Primed and poised for the challenge Rayshawn Le'Roy effortlessly carves his own unique, celebratory, and true to life experiences which make being human something everyone can relate to on his Global Records debut offering. I always felt like I was a star like music was my destiny, says Le'Roy. Groomed like many R&B/Soul chanteuses, Le'Roy developed and honed his gift of song in church. Further strengthening his musical chops Le'Roy toured internationally on a four month stint in the exotic desert paradise of Casablanca , Morocco . I desire to have the whole world hear my voice and the opportunity to sing abroad and catch a glimpse of things yet to come. The experience quickly helped me to get over stage fright, reflects Le'Roy. Beyond a mere recording artist Le'Roy's ambidextrous talent encompass tickling the white ivories on the piano, pounding out rhythmic percussion on the drums, losing all inhibitions on lead guitar, to his ability to hold his own on the dance floor. Inspired by notable singer/songwriters ranging from crooner Brian McKnight, the soulful harmonies of Boys II Men, songbird Faith Evans, romantic balladeer Joe, to the audible silkiness of Luther Vandross, Le'Roy like his aforementioned inspirations wrote and arranged the material on Global Records debut offering. Equipped with the ingredients to fuel the oven of creativity Rayshawn Le'Roy enters the musical arena destined to conquer all in which he sets his hands to an R&B/Soul music revival!
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