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Living the Dream
Heavy Metal
Length: 2:42
On Network Since Mar 1, 2007
Rictus Grin
Rictus Grin

Fond du Lac
Wisconsin, United States

Heavy Metal

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Rictus Grin translated means the grotesquely askew smile on the face of a corpse. In this spirit of arcane morbidity the story begins. Through the chaos of underground warehouse parties to the staggering heights of European tours and mainstage mayhem Rictus Grin remains a true and grim force. Ascending from the tombs of the underground metal scene their steadfast focus lies in not only showcasing their own dark creations, but also unearthing other local talent and unifying the scene one show at a time.

In the early days of cavernous warehouse concerts vocals/guitarist Larry Weeks, coupled with drummer Wade Bergeron and bassist Larry Gammill formed Rictus Grin in a state of vehement creation. The metal trio drew people toward the band with an unexpected and curious magnetism. Realizing the music induced moshing pandemonium and unforgettable emotional upheavals the act moved to perform at venues beyond the darkened recesses.

Even with member changes and an evolving and growing crowd Rictus Grin continues to easily cross the lines between unforgettable underground parties and rabidly intense shows. Now that their reputation has spread, the metal community expects from Rictus Grin an unconventionally gripping and unique performance and a stage show that evokes pits, body passing, and band-encouraged prop demolition. Remembering their goals to reach beyond themselves, Rictus Grin organizes an annual Doomsday metal festival to showcase the talents of underground bands from all over the US, a festival that has occurred annually in the dead of winter for 7 years. Also always immersed in the scene, Rictus Grin vigilantly books WI show dates for touring acts from all over the world.

Now with the unmistakeable and uniquely heavy sounds of Allen Neumann on drums, the powerful and decidedly hard hitting music of Dave Moran on bass and the grim lunacy of Larry Weeks on guitar/vocals Rictus Grin is reaching new heights of talented musically inspired pathological seduction and humor. Abiding their course they pursue unification of the scene and an ever pursuant determination to leave behind a timeless earthly immortality.
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