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All Songs No Police State Rock Chorale EP Weapon of Mass Percussion
Rock Chorale
#22 in Classical SongVault Certified
Rock Chorale
Rock Chorale EP
Length: 14:46
On Network Since Sep 30, 2008
Who Will Stop the Rain?
#58 in Classical SongVault Certified
Who Will Stop the Rain?
No Police State
Length: 3:56
On Network Since Nov 25, 2009
The Beginning of the End
#2 in Talk SongVault Finals
The Beginning of the End
Weapon of Mass Percussion
Spoken Word
Length: 4:37
On Network Since May 29, 2008
Steve Vandes
SongVault Certified Artist Steve Vandes

Lincolnshire, United Kingdom

Modern Rock / Adult Contemporary

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Songwriter, singer and performer and multi-instrumentalist. Diagnosed with Multiple Sclerosis in 2006 which forced me to quit the day-job. I've been involved in music all my life from bands of every type to orchestras, and wouldn't have changed a thing! Music is a constant joy.

I now spend a lot of time writing and recording in my home studio. All of my tracks on Songvault were written, performed and recorded by me alone! I'm not looking for sympathy, but just want to live each day to the maximum I can. Every good day's a bonus, and if that inspires others to have more good days then I'm happy!

In 2009 I entered six of my songs in the UK national songwriting contest, run by the Brit Foundation. There were 6000 entries and all of my songs were commended by the judges, with two reaching the semi-finals! Not bad, I thought, for a first attempt.

I've been delighted by the interest shown in my songs on Songvault.FM and thank you to everyone who has voted for them. I appreciate it so much - you guys are amazing, and make an old man very happy!
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