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Primavera (Radio edit)
#1 in New Age SongVault Certified
Primavera (Radio edit)
The Present
New Age
Length: 3:27
On Network Since Jun 21, 2008
From Heart to Heart
#2 in New Age SongVault Certified
From Heart to Heart
New Age
Length: 7:49
On Network Since Jun 21, 2008
Time to Time
#3 in New Age SongVault Certified
Time to Time
New Age
Length: 6:33
On Network Since Jun 21, 2008
Torben Thoger
SongVault Certified Artist Torben Thoger

Samso (DK)
& Alicante (ES), Denmark

New Age / Ambient

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Biography of Torben Thoger
One might say that although Torben Thoger was born and raised in Denmark, his heart has always been in Spain. Driven by a love of melody, this masterful composer offers a powerful three album music collection that alternately relaxes (Harmony), engages (The Present), and impassions the listener (AKASHA) in an aural journey through his world. Torben readily shares his love for Spain and its more exotic tastes and terrains in AKASHA and The Present, while reflecting a quiet love for the simplicity of Denmark in Harmony. Of his latest album AKASHA, he says “This is music from my heart – and from AKASHA.”

In 2008, Torben Thoger is releasing his New Age albums for the first time in the United States. He composed, arranged and produced all music on his three aforementioned albums in either his state-of-the-art home studio in Torup, on the Danish isle of Samso, or at his home-away-from-home in Callosa den Sariá, Alicante, Spain. Whatever the location, Torben believes in living a creative lifestyle with his family; Mette Lund, his wife, is a painter and a healer.

Experts, such as Suzanne Doucet of Only New Age Music, say his music has more in common with the rich eclecticism of top European New Age artists than it does with the more traditional and staid sound of Denmark’s current New Age offerings. She offers, “His music is influenced by different cultures and styles, and he blends classical, world and pop elements into a tapestry of colorful and relaxing soundscapes; his music will appeal to many different audiences. I would call his music Holistic New Age.”

Following his singing career as a child star in Denmark, Torben Thoger made a profession of composing music. He has decades of experience composing and producing original music in various styles for film, television, musicals, multimedia and his own productions. He is the proprietor of Camelot Communication, a Danish company creating and producing a diverse slate of music, film, multimedia and arts projects for esteemed organizations such as the Danish Broadcasting Corporation and The Danish Ministry of Education. He is a member of “DJBFA - The Danish Society for Songwriters and Composers.”

Sharing his professional knowledge and holistic outlook on life is something Torben enjoys, lecturing at various Danish educational centers such as the European Film College, among others. His subjects and classes include song-writing, composition, film-music (soundtracks), creativity, intuition, personal growth, spirituality, cooperation and communication.

His music will be available in bookstores and gift stores, and is already available at webstores such as,, His music can also be downloaded at iTunes, Emusic, Rhapsody and Napster. For all the latest links and information, visit


For more information, contact:
Beth Hilton, publicist
The B Company
Tel: 310-560-8390

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Torben Thoger lives a peaceful, holistic lifestyle on the Danish island of Samso, interrupted only by occasional trips to his beloved home-away-from-home in Alicante, Spain. Torben’s latest New Age albums – Harmony, The Present and AKASHA – are being released in the United States for the first time in 2008. Catchy melodies over lush yet soothing compositions signify Torben Thoger’s unique holistic style; all music on the albums is composed, arranged and produced by himself. His music will be available in bookstores, gift stores and online shops such as, and for downloads at For more information, visit

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