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SongVault Country Track Listing

Song Title Artist Position
BJNC Clarity BJNC Showcase
BOOMCHIX 'Til The Searchin's Done BOOMCHIX Certified
Mr. Dominican El Tigre Fino A Comer Gallina Mr. Dominican El Tigre Fino Certified
Nick Laseter A Little Piece of Texas Nick Laseter Certified
King Zondi A.N.C King Zondi Showcase
lourissa wright actions lourissa wright Certified
Tim Castle and young southern American Dream (Recognize) Tim Castle and young southern Certified
Clifton's Ford Baby Girl Clifton's Ford Certified
Sal Belloise Badman Sal Belloise Certified
Misty Cowgirl Beatles and Stones Misty Cowgirl Certified
Trent Tyler Before There Was You Trent Tyler Certified
Christian Williams Best Night We Ever Had Christian Williams Certified
Daniel Davies Billionaire Welfare Mama Daniel Davies Certified
John Johnson blue John Johnson Certified
Will Harrison Borderline Will Harrison Certified
Bobby Joe Peace Bring Down the Wall Bobby Joe Peace Certified
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SongVault Certified  SongVault Certified Country Artists

Artist Genre # Tracks Hometown
Bluegrass 2 Rolla, Missouri
:) :) Indie Rock 1 Earth, Earth
Allison Janisse Allison Janisse Contemporary Country 1 Edmonton, Alberta
Andra Suchy Andra Suchy Alternative Country 1 Minneapolis, Minnesota
argenis gomez argenis gomez Latin 1 bronx, New York
Betty overstreet Betty overstreet Christian Country 1 Vacaville, California
Big Joe Burke Big Joe Burke Alternative Country 1 Vancouver, British Columbia
Billy Darnell Billy Darnell Classic Country 1 Lebanon, Tennessee
bob baker bob baker Americana 1 los angeles, California
Bob Roberts Bob Roberts Noise Pop 1 afton, wyoming
Bobby Joe Peace Bobby Joe Peace Contemporary Country 3 Tampa, Florida
BOOMCHIX BOOMCHIX Alternative Country 2 Vancouver, British Columbia
Brian Wyer Brian Wyer Contemporary Country 3 Jacksonville, North Carolina
Bruno Ranieri Bruno Ranieri Classic Country 2 Portsmouth, Ohio
BUFFALO HEAD BUFFALO HEAD Alternative Country 2 Indianapolis, Indiana
Bumpkin Bumpkin Americana 2 Irving, Texas
Carey Sims Carey Sims Americana 1 Charlotte, North Carolina
Carmella Inchierchiera Carmella Inchierchiera Country 7 Little Egg Harbor, New Jersey
Catfish Bernie Meise Catfish Bernie Meise Americana 3 Rockford, Illinois
Cathy Lemmon Cathy Lemmon Contemporary Country 2 Nashville, Tennessee
Charles William Charles William 2 Lake Arrowhead, California
Chris Dair Chris Dair Blues 1 Limoges, Limousin
Christian Williams Christian Williams Americana 2 Austin, Texas
Clifton's Ford Clifton's Ford Americana 4 Damascus, Virginia
cody timmons cody timmons 1 converse, Texas
Curry Johnson Curry Johnson Country Western 1 San Leandro, California
Dan Robinson Dan Robinson Contemporary Country 1 Mars, Pennsylvania
Daniel Davies Daniel Davies Folk 1 Billings, Montana
Darren Rhodes Darren Rhodes Classic Country 4 Lineville, Alabama
David Loew David Loew Contemporary Country 3 Nashville, Tennessee
Dee Dee Downs Dee Dee Downs Christian Country 1 Franklin, North Carolina
Derek McCorkell Derek McCorkell Country 1 Elk River, Minnesota
Dogshit Dogshit Americana 2 stevenson, Washington
Donna Ray Donna Ray Country Western 3 Shreveport, Louisiana
Drew Diego Bennett Drew Diego Bennett Latin 3 Phoenix, Arizona
Duke Nguyen Browning, Songwriter Duke Nguyen Browning, Songwriter Christian Pop / Rock 2 Houston, Texas
Eamonn Dowd & The Racketeers Eamonn Dowd & The Racketeers Americana 1 Dublin, Dublin
Fremont John Ashton Fremont John Ashton Adult Alternative 1 Englewood, Florida
Gary Boozer Gary Boozer Alternative Country 2 Branson, Missouri
gary cavanaugh gary cavanaugh Americana 1 nashville, Tennessee
gary cavanaugh gary cavanaugh Alternative Country 3 nashville, Tennessee
Gary Gray Gary Gray Classic Country 7 WACO, Texas
Gavin Kelly Gavin Kelly Alternative Country 3 Nashville, Tennessee
Gene and Gayla Mills Gene and Gayla Mills Americana 9 Richmond, Virginia
Gene O'Connor Gene O'Connor Country 3 Saint John, New Brunswick
Gumbo Gumbo Swing 3 Corvallis, Oregon
Harold  Mike Sizemore Harold Mike Sizemore Americana 2 Cincinnati, Ohio
Healing Songs Healing Songs Christian 1 Pineville, Louisiana
Honky Tonk Hustlas Honky Tonk Hustlas Honky Tonk 3 Montgomery, Alabama
Jacob Thomas Jacob Thomas Americana 1 Nashville, Tennessee
James Curley James Curley Alternative Country 3 Chicago, Illinois
JAMES W HARPER JAMES W HARPER Contemporary Country 2 hilton head, South Carolina
janet ward/jan daniels janet ward/jan daniels Alternative Country 3 bridgnorth, shropshire
Jean Daniel Jean Daniel Soul 1 Aldergrove, BC, Aldergrove
Jeff Smithart Jeff Smithart Contemporary Country 1 Little Elm, Texas
Jeffro Bodeen Jeffro Bodeen Singer/Songwriter 3 Asheville, North Carolina
Jenica Rayne Jenica Rayne Alternative Folk 1 Kingston, Ontario
Jim Brumm Jim Brumm Americana 3 Santa Rosa, California
Jim Scanlan Jim Scanlan Country 1 Tallahassee, Florida
Jinder Jinder Alternative Country 2 Bournemouth, Dorset
Joe Green Joe Green Country Western 2 Seymour, Texas
John Johnson John Johnson Pop 1 Galena, Maryland
Jon Tyler Jon Tyler Americana 3 Yorktown Heights, New York
Josh Pierce Josh Pierce Country Western 1 Glendale, Arizona
Jubal Lee Young Jubal Lee Young Americana 1 Nashville, Tennessee
Justin Weisenbach Justin Weisenbach Jam Bands 1 Saginaw, Michigan
Keith Curtis Keith Curtis Contemporary Country 3 Phoenix, Arizona
Kelly Pettit Kelly Pettit Pop 1 Nanaimo, British Columbia
Kim Koren Kim Koren Adult Alternative 2 Dundas, Ontario
Laslo Cameo Laslo Cameo Country 4 Greensboro Bend, Vermont
lourissa wright lourissa wright Contemporary Country 1 decatur, Texas
Mark Charles Lamendola Mark Charles Lamendola 3 Boca Raton, Florida
Matt Ellis Matt Ellis Alternative Country 3 Venice, California
Matthew Karpoff Matthew Karpoff Contemporary Country 1 Roland, Arkansas
Matthew Rich Matthew Rich Contemporary Country 3 May's Landing, New Jersey
Melvin G Fromm Jr Melvin G Fromm Jr Alternative Country 1 Gap, Pennsylvania
Memarie Memarie 2 Nashville, Tennessee
Michael Anthony Whitesell Michael Anthony Whitesell Contemporary Country 1 Amarillo, Texas
Michael Reich Michael Reich Singer/Songwriter 3 Somerset, Pennsylvania
Miguel  Angel Montalvo Miguel Angel Montalvo Latin 3 kissimmee, Florida
Mike Surratt Mike Surratt Meditation 1 Glenn Dale, Maryland
Misty Cowgirl Misty Cowgirl Country 2 Nashville, Tennessee
Misty Cowgirl Misty Cowgirl Country 2 Hendersonville, Tennessee
MOSESKANE MOSESKANE Alternative Country 1 juneau, Alaska
Mr. Dominican El Tigre Fino Mr. Dominican El Tigre Fino Reggaeton 1 Miami, Florida
Nathan Dean Nathan Dean Contemporary Country 5 Phoenix, Arizona
Nick Laseter Nick Laseter Classic Country 7 Henagar, Alabama
North American Royalty North American Royalty Indie Rock 1 Chattanooga, Tennessee
One Night Stand Band One Night Stand Band Contemporary Country 1 Peru, Illinois
OneDay40 OneDay40 3 Glasgow, Scotland
Patty Blee Patty Blee Americana 2 Piscataway, New Jersey
Paul Collins Paul Collins Americana 1 Nashville, Tennessee
Pete Berwick Pete Berwick Alternative Country 1 Lakemoor, Illinois
Project troops Project troops Alternative Country 2 Ogden, Utah
Ray Dennis Withrow Ray Dennis Withrow Bluegrass 2 Tomball, Texas
Ray Roldan Ray Roldan Alternative Country 2 Sunland, California
Rene Saucier Rene Saucier Christian Country 3 Penacook, New Hampshire
Ric Tangherlini Ric Tangherlini Soft Rock 2 Brockton, Massachusetts
Richard Frankz Richard Frankz Pop 1 Milan, Illinois
Richard Giuliano Richard Giuliano Rockabilly 2 Beverly Hills, California
Rick Stavely Rick Stavely Contemporary Country 1 Prince George, British Columbia
Robert Bobby Robert Bobby Contemporary Folk 1 Wrightsville, Pennsylvania
Robert James King Robert James King New Acoustic 1 middletown, Ohio
Roger and the Rockets Roger and the Rockets Americana 2 Örnsköldsvik, -
Rustie Blue Rustie Blue 1 Lancaster, Ohio
Ryan Sheeler Ryan Sheeler Singer/Songwriter 2 Ames, Iowa
sacha boutros sacha boutros Jazz 1 san diego, California
Sal Belloise Sal Belloise Adult Contemporary 2 Clearwater Beach, Florida
Sara Phetteplace Sara Phetteplace Contemporary Country 1 Lafayette, Louisiana
Shawn Blackwell Shawn Blackwell Contemporary Country 1 Batesville, Arkansas
Shelby Horner Shelby Horner Contemporary Country 4 Springfield, Tennessee
Smokin Joe Thunder & His No Good Frens Smokin Joe Thunder & His No Good Frens Hard Rock 4 Texarkana, Texas
Tamra Lynn Smith Tamra Lynn Smith Alternative Country 4 surprise, Arizona
The Country Mourns The Country Mourns Americana 1 San Francisco, California
This Country Needs More Country This Country Needs More Country Alternative Country 2 London, England
Tim Castle and young southern Tim Castle and young southern Contemporary Country 2 KENOSHA, Wisconsin
Tim English` Tim English` Contemporary Country 1 Jefferson, Georgia
Tom Fedora Tom Fedora Americana 7 Nashville, Tennessee
Tom Sykes Tom Sykes Rock 1 Plano, Texas
Tony Desmuke Tony Desmuke Alternative Country 1 Forestburg, Texas
Tony Vani and Debbie Hoskin Tony Vani and Debbie Hoskin Adult Alternative 1 Belleville, Ontario
Trent Tyler Trent Tyler Contemporary Country 1 Jacksonville, Florida
Troy Wykle and BlueSteele Troy Wykle and BlueSteele Contemporary Country 3 Nashville, Tennessee
Troy Wykle Solo Project Troy Wykle Solo Project 1 Murfreesboro, Tennessee
Two Songwriters Two Songwriters Contemporary Country 7 Easton, Pennsylvania
Wayne Brodie Wayne Brodie Contemporary Country 4 Greensboro, North Carolina
Wayne Thomas Wayne Thomas Classic Country 2 Warsaw, Missouri
Will Harrison Will Harrison Rock 1 San Francisco, California
Yrral Mallik Yrral Mallik Bluegrass 2 Brantford, Ontario


Makhadzi happiness (Mrkharioto & PsyTheKeys remix) (2021)
PsyTheKeys PsyDAMusic
Added January 13th

Di key tša lerato (2020)
Added April 25th

Dangerous (2020)
Wajakor Apah
Added April 13th

I love you (2020)
King Bolobedu
Added April 11th

Shocase-forgive me-prod-by-c-tolo (2020)
Wajakor Apah
Added February 16th

Shocase-Maria-mandalena-prod.-By LB (2020)
Wajakor Apah
Added February 16th

Hurt (2017)
Guy Leroux
Added January 7th

10. Yesterday's Dreams are Today's Memories (2017)
Guy Leroux
Added January 7th
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