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SongVault Gospel Track Listing

Song Title Artist Position
BJNC Clarity BJNC Showcase
jerry Lockett 1.When He Was On The Cross.mp3 jerry Lockett Finals
Mr. Dominican El Tigre Fino A Comer Gallina Mr. Dominican El Tigre Fino Certified
Wayne Douglas Kabanuck A Little Talk With Jesus Wayne Douglas Kabanuck Certified
Richard Shekari Another Day Richard Shekari Auditions
Gregory Piere Bend Your Knees Gregory Piere Certified
Regina Manning Bow to Worship Thee Regina Manning Certified
MasterMixx BRIGHTER DAY MasterMixx Certified
The Terrell Family Bring Your Soul To Jesus The Terrell Family Auditions
Arleen Dorn Can't Praise Him Enough Arleen Dorn Certified
Antonio Berlisi Melendez Descubrete Antonio Berlisi Melendez Showcase
Leszia Renee Didn't You Know? Leszia Renee Finals
BlackDogHat Electric BlackDogHat Finals
ED, m.a.e.s.t.r.o. Everyday ED, m.a.e.s.t.r.o. Certified
argenis gomez Exxtaxy argenis gomez Certified
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SongVault Certified  SongVault Certified Gospel Artists

Artist Genre # Tracks Hometown
argenis gomez argenis gomez Latin 1 bronx, New York
Arleen Dorn Arleen Dorn Gospel 3 Orlando, Florida
Ascending Son Ascending Son Christian Country 1 chowchilla, California
Betty overstreet Betty overstreet Christian Country 1 Vacaville, California
Carol Spencer Carol Spencer Southern Gospel 1 Antigo, Wisconsin
Cheryl Edelmann Cheryl Edelmann Southern Gospel 2 Vineland, New Jersey
Deborah Teel Deborah Teel Traditional Gospel 1 Everetts, North Carolina
Debra Harvey Debra Harvey Contemporary Gospel 3 El Sobrante, California
DJ FELLA & ANOINTED VOICES DJ FELLA & ANOINTED VOICES Contemporary Gospel 3 Baltimore, Maryland
Donald Norris Jr Donald Norris Jr Contemporary Country 1 Gastonia, North Carolina
Douglas Spencer Douglas Spencer Southern Gospel 1 Phelps, Wisconsin
dr. gladys hardy dr. gladys hardy Traditional Gospel 2 seattle, Washington
Dr. Vera J. Goodman & Anointed Praise Dr. Vera J. Goodman & Anointed Praise Contemporary Gospel 1 Jacksonville, Florida
Drew Diego Bennett Drew Diego Bennett Latin 3 Phoenix, Arizona
ED, m.a.e.s.t.r.o. ED, m.a.e.s.t.r.o. Contemporary Gospel 2 Plainsboro, New Jersey
Evangelist Owen Harrod Evangelist Owen Harrod Contemporary Gospel 1 lusby, Maryland
G-Status G-Status Christian Urban / R&B 1 Stone Mountain, Georgia
GARRY MOORE GARRY MOORE Contemporary Gospel 3 Mount Vernon, Illinois
Gary Gary Contemporary Gospel 3 Chino Hills, California
God's Examples God's Examples Contemporary Gospel 3 Crescity City, Florida
Gregory Piere Gregory Piere Jazz 1 San Francisco, California
John Crossman John Crossman Folk Rock 1 Madison, Wisconsin
Joules LaHae Joules LaHae Healing 1 Fremont, Indiana
Kenny Hamber Kenny Hamber Traditional Gospel 2 Manchester, Conneticut
Kenny Jackman Kenny Jackman Christian 1 Toronto, Ontario
Kizzy Walker Kizzy Walker Contemporary Gospel 3 Jacksonville, Florida
Larry Kimpel Larry Kimpel Contemporary Gospel 3 Diamond Bar, California
Lawrence Sumpter Lawrence Sumpter New Age 1 Emeryville, California
Mary Mohan Mary Mohan Southern Gospel 1 Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania
MasterMixx MasterMixx Christian HipHop / Rap 1 PIKESVILLE, Maryland
MessageNMyMusic MessageNMyMusic Contemporary Gospel 3 Menifee, California
Miguel  Angel Montalvo Miguel Angel Montalvo Latin 3 kissimmee, Florida
Mondrae` Mondrae` Contemporary Gospel 1 Charlotte, North Carolina
Mr. Dominican El Tigre Fino Mr. Dominican El Tigre Fino Reggaeton 1 Miami, Florida
Ray Buchanan Ray Buchanan Contemporary Country 1 Rockford, Illinois
Regina Manning Regina Manning Contemporary Gospel 1 Tallahassee, Florida
Roberto Roberto Contemporary Gospel 1 Kissimmee, Florida
Robin Harris Robin Harris Gospel 1 Baltimore, Maryland
RunHym RunHym Contemporary Gospel 3 Hampton Roads, Virginia
sacha boutros sacha boutros Jazz 1 san diego, California
Sharon Jones Sharon Jones Contemporary Gospel 4 Hayward, California
STEVE HARROLD STEVE HARROLD Contemporary Gospel 2 ST.LOUIS, Missouri
the humble voices the humble voices Traditional Gospel 1 angleton, Texas
The Sons Of Harmony The Sons Of Harmony Christian 2 BALTIMORE, Maryland
Tiffanie Bridges Tiffanie Bridges Contemporary Gospel 2 Indianapolis, Indiana
Wanda Obermeier Wanda Obermeier Contemporary Gospel 1 Mosinee, Wisconsin
Wayne Douglas Kabanuck Wayne Douglas Kabanuck Country 1 Max,, North Dakota
Wendy Dorsey Wendy Dorsey Southern Gospel 1 SanDiego,Maryland/DC,Detroit,Cleveland, California
Yrral Mallik Yrral Mallik Bluegrass 1 Brantford, Ontario


Spirit You Are (2020)
William LaVant
Added May 11th

Like The Fire (2019)
William LaVant
Added May 11th

I love you jesus (2018)
Mongwe Surprise Ndzalama
Added July 18th

Jerusalema (2018)
Mongwe Surprise Ndzalama
Added July 18th

Xiyimo (2018)
Mongwe Surprise Ndzalama
Added July 18th

Follow Jesus (2018)
Rosalee Moore
Added August 29th

Another Day (2018)
Richard Shekari
Added September 20th

Love God (2017)
Rosalee Moore
Added May 3rd
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